Learning Pathways

A learning pathway is a logical collection of instructor-led courses designed to help ESRI software users achieve success. Each learning pathway provides high-quality relevant training on a particular subject area. Those completing a learning pathway will acquire knowledge and skills that can be applied directly to their job.

Training roles and their associated pathways are designed to help individuals find a training plan that suits their needs and job requirements.

GIS Roles and Functions

Click through the links below to uncover the Learning Pathway that applies to you.  Keep in mind that the GIS roles and functions described are scale dependent; larger organizations will have the resources and requirements to have several GIS-related staff or roles with specialized functions, while smaller organizations may rely on a few GIS staff members who play a variety of these GIS roles and functions simultaneously. The most common roles and functions to implement and support a GIS include:

  • Fundamental ArcGIS Knowledge
  • GIS Analyst
  • GIS Application Programmer
  • System Administrator
  • Data Administrator