Health Care

Health care organizations are under constant pressure to provide the best quality of care with limited budgets, staff and resources. They need to increase accessibility of service and find more cost-effective delivery modes, while satisfying the need of the broader health care community for data accessibility.

Researchers, health professionals, policy makers and others can use GIS to better understand geographic relationships that affect health outcomes, public health risks, disease transmission, access to health care and other health care concerns.

Improve Operations and Enhance Patient Care

Join more than 5,000 health care customers worldwide who are using ESRI technology to improve internal operations, manage assets and resources, track and mitigate the effects of infectious disease, and enhance accuracy and access to health care information.

Our solutions can be used in many areas of health care including:

Epidemiology – ESRI’s GIS solutions provide a powerful analysis tool for disease occurrence and trend information. Individual occurrences can be presented spatially on a map and used to conduct predictive modeling.

Patient Care – Caregivers can see physical resources with associated attribute information to efficiently deliver services.

Site Analysis – Pinpoint where to locate new facilities and determine the size of those facilities.

Research – From biomedical research to clinical information management, the use of GIS enables new perspectives on the analysis, visualization and interpretation of intersecting information.

Community Health Assessments and Access – ESRI’s GIS solutions can associate people with the nearest hospital or health facility, locate underserved areas and measure access to care.

Routing and Emergency Dispatch – ESRI’s GIS solutions provide efficient routing for ambulances and home health care or caseworker visits by analyzing transportation factors and street patterns.

Customer Self-Service – ESRI’s GIS solutions provide public access to information and allow you to publish site-specific information, travel directions and maps.

Resource Inventory Management – Determine where equipment and supplies are located and the maintenance information that accompanies each resource.  ESRI’s solutions also enable you to track resource movement and consumption.

Health Mapping –