Businesses, large and small, need to do more with less to grow and increase profitability. This need is further underscored by the economic slowdown happening around the world, forcing organizations to rethink the way they operate. Click here to download our flyer.
Retailers, realtors, insurers, asset managers and others need to understand markets, optimize site selection and marketing, manage risk and deliver better goods and services faster than their competitors to succeed in a volatile economy, enhance customer satisfaction and increase profitability while reducing costs.
Our solutions enable you to improve your workflow, share important data throughout your organization and simplify complex business decisions to successfully capitalize on market opportunities. Customers have used our solutions for:


Customer Analysis – Uncover critical customer information and determine where particular campaigns will be well received.

Market Analysis – ESRI’s location analysis tools and market data enable you to identify competitive threats, product demand and where the most profitable markets are hidden.

Risk Management – Manage risk by combining critical information into a single dashboard that can be viewed statistically and geographically.

Site Selection – GIS allows you to display and analyze your proposed site’s proximity to urban centres, competitor locations, suppliers and transportation networks.

Territory Management – ESRI’s GIS solutions make sense of data to effectively track, manage and protect your sales and inventory.

Facility, Property and Asset Management – Companies can visualize and analyze their assets for acquisition, tracking, maintenance, management and disposal of real property and capital equipment.

Supply Chain Management – Model supply and delivery points to control the efficiency of your supply chain operations and manage the costs of your fixed assets.

Logistics – Track assets in motion and calculate accurate drive times for precise routing, scheduling and optimization.