Project Services

GIMS Cameroon Professional Services will guide you through the entire GIS project life cycle, paying personal attention to your needs and requirements.

With each project, we capitalize on our application development experience and the lessons learned through decades of building innovative GIS solutions.

Assistance in outlining your GIS vision, objectives, and requirements. In partnership with our consultants, develop a GIS vision, strategy and implementation plan to align with your business objectives.

Designing the right data management strategy for you. Execute the right spatial data management strategy to support all of your users with the help of our consultants.

Customizing GIS applications to fit your needs. When an out-of-the-box GIS solution doesn’t fit your situation, we can deliver modular, flexible custom solutions ranging from targeted applications for a specific requirement to enterprise solutions that support day-to-day operations.

Partnership and accountability. Throughout your GIS project, our consultants will share their knowledge and provide skill-building assistance to help you become self-sufficient at managing your GIS.

Our solutions are based on a solid foundation of core ESRI technology, and our access to a network of partner organizations gives us additional resources to meet your specific needs.