Certification Exams

The ESRI Technical Certification Program takes the best professionals in the GIS industry and makes them even better. Whether you want to enhance and validate your skills or take your career to the next level, achieving certification will set you apart.

The program provides the highest level of technical training and certification and is designed to recognize, develop and validate an individual’s ability to design, implement, and troubleshoot solutions built on ESRI software and technologies.

Esri Technical Certification exams recognize expertise in three domains: desktop, developer, and enterprise use of ArcGIS. Certi­fications are offered at three levels: Entry, Associate, and Professional.

The table below summarizes the certifications we offer:

Retake Policy

  • Each exam instance, including retakes, cost $225 USD.
  • Retake policy allows for a total of three exam attempts per live exam version.
  • A candidate may retake the exam for the same certification a minimum of fourteen (14) days after the first exam.
  • If the candidate does not pass the exam after a second attempt, the candidate must wait ninety (90) days before attempting to take the exam a third time.


  • Exam results are available 5-10 days after exam date.
  • Numerical scores will not be given. Candidates will receive a Score Report which illustrates a section level analysis of the candidate’s exam performance.

Exam Updates

Esri will evaluate the need to update the Esri Technical Certification exams based on major software releases and the impact to the overall exam content.

Exam Retirement Policy

Esri certification exams are retired based on mature support of the Esri Product Life Cycle Support Policy [PDF].

Certification exams below were retired on July 31, 2016.

Exam appointments, including retakes, cannot be scheduled after this date.

  • ArcGIS Desktop Associate 10.1
  • ArcGIS Desktop Professional 10.1
  • ArcGIS Desktop Developer Associate 10.1
  • Web Developer Associate 10.1
  • Enterprise Geodata Management Associate 10.1
  • Enterprise Geodata Professional 10.1
  • Enterprise System Design 10.1
  • Enterprise Administration Associate 10.1

Exam retirement does not affect any certifications that have been issued for that version.

Beta Exams

An important step in developing exams is beta testing. Participation in beta exams is available only to Esri employees, partners, and distributors. A Certification will be awarded to individuals who successfully pass beta exams. Candidates will be notified of their results 7-10 weeks after the close of the beta period. Beta exams consist of 150 questions and take approximately 3.5 hours to complete. Beta exams are offered at a cost of $75 per exam.

Program Agreements and Policies

Contents of Esri Certification exams are confidential. Candidates should read and understand the following policies prior to sitting for an exam. By accepting the non-disclosure agreement, you will also be agreeing to the terms in the Technical Certification Program Agreement.

Candidates under 18 will need a parent or guardian signature. By accepting this non-disclosure agreement, you will also be agreeing to the terms in the Technical Certification Program Agreement.